Other Things I Do When I'm Not Podcasting

With a dual focus on student success and maintaining rigor, the POWER textbooks have helped my students over the years and I feel lucky to have been asked to be a part of author team for this amazing series. Click the logo to learn more.

Corequisite Implementation

State mandates required that corequisite models be implemented, scaling up over several years. In addition to teaching, as the lead faculty with an algebraic focus, I spearheaded curriculum design and execution for College Algebra, with increasing success over time. Email podcast@infinitelyirrational.com or access this corequisite guide for more information.

Online Instructional Quality and Instructional Videos

As the Online Faculty Fellow on my campus, my job is to work with faculty to create courses that are intuitive, consistent, and innovative. I also create instructional videos over a variety of topics. Email podcast@infinitelyirrational.com for more information.